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Residential House Cleaners Knoxville TN

Most folks think hiring a maid is a pretty straightforward thing; until the time comes to actually do it. Then they start thinking about the nuts and bolts – about giving a stranger access to the most private areas of their personal lives – and they get cold feet. I understand and that is why I go to such lengths to put a human face on my services. We have been providing first class house cleaning in Knoxville, TN for nearly 20 years. During that time I have developed a wonderful relationship with my clients and refined the services I offer based on experience and feedback from those clients.

First Class House Cleaners Knoxville, TN.

When I started this company all those years ago my goal was to provide a cleaning service I could be proud of and customers would tell their friends and neighbors about. Im happy to say that I have been successful on both fronts. But none of us at Kim’s House Cleaning take that success for granted though. We put our nose to the grindstone every day to continually deliver the same quality of service that our customers have come to rely on. As a result many of our customers have been with us for more than a decade and are now as much family as they are customers. And that’s just fine with us.

When you enlist the best house cleaners in Knoxville, TN, you can be sure of the following things:

• High Quality Work – We’re detail oriented and don’t let anything escape our scrutiny. You’ll never find an overlooked corner or dirty mirror after we finish with your home. We’re not there to put on a show and collect a payment. We’re there to make your house sparkle and that’s what we do.

• Openness and Reliability – These are two things I’ve come to understand are crucial components of my relationships with my clients. It’s important that we show up when we say we will and that we’re completely open with you about our process.

• Respect – The Internet is unfortunately full of videos of maids and cleaners being caught on hidden cameras stealing and treating customer property as though it was their own. That will never happen with our house cleaners in Knoxville, TN.

• Communication – We understand how important it is to make sure the lines of communication with our customers are always open. So if you have a question or concern we encourage you to call us at 865-237-8063 and let us know.

• Competitive Pricing – We’re a small family owned and operated company that provides high quality services with a personal touch. We don’t have a ton of overhead or a fancy office we need to maintain. As such we offer competitive prices for house cleaning in Knoxville, TN.

Experienced House Cleaners Knoxville TN

House cleaning in Knoxville, TN isn’t rocket science but it does require attention to detail, knowing the best cleaning products and techniques to use and committing every day to the goal of total customer satisfaction. Our typical house cleaning program includes:

• Cleaning of all glass surfaces including windows, mirrors, glass table tops and TV screens.

• Vacuuming of all carpeted floors and vacuuming and mopping of non-carpeted floors.

• Cleaning of window frames, doors, baseboards and AC vents.

• The cleaning and dusting of all light fixtures and furniture.

• Removal of trash and replacement of trash liners.

• Dusting and cleaning of curtains and blinds.

• Changing of sheets in the master bedroom.

• Removal of all spider webs and cobwebs.

• Cleaning of fan lights.

Experience allows us to clean your home in the most effective and efficient manner possible, which is another reason why we’re able to offer such competitive prices. Larger companies have lots of unseen workers whose salaries need to be recouped from the customers. Not us. We’re small and we like it that way. It allows us to maintain quality control and keep a lid on costs.

Complete Satisfaction

Kim’s house cleaners in Knoxville, TN aren’t satisfied unless you’re satisfied. We strive every day to deliver the quality of service our customers expect and nothing makes us happier than a job well done. We’re also careful to never take on more clients than we can handle which allows us to always maintain the highest quality of service.

For the best house cleaners in Knoxville, TN call Kim’s at 865.237.8063, send a message through the contact page on this site or visit my Facebook page to learn more about myself and the services I offer. And thanks!

Client Testimonials

Kim has been cleaning my home for over 5 years. Always on time and consistent in what she does.

Tammy W.

Kim began cleaning my home more than 15 years ago. I could not imagine not having her here.

Linda T.

I hired Kim to do a move in cleaning to surprise my wife. The job was amazing and done with short notice.

Brian S.

Fabulous Work!!! Thank you so very much for all you do 

Gina M.

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